Sunday, January 24, 2010

This Chris eating a roast beef and veggie dinner after church.  No greek salads today!

This is me.  We just got home from church and it is very cold! I am stnding in front of our apartment at
185   33
See the blue and white Greek flag out front of our apartment on my right

I took this picture from our Tram Stop.  It is a typical Greek street.  This street is a little wider than most , but is lined with apartment buildings.  Most buildings are about 8 stories, there are few high rises.  There is a Hilton hotel in downtown Athens that is about 20 stories, but it stands alone.  There are no single residences and pretty much everyone lives in an apartment.

Chris and Demetris..She had a birthday on 1/6 and he was baptized 1/6 about 10 years ago.  Demetris is the backbone of the branch.  He is branch clerk and everything else you ask him to do.  He is President of the young adults also.  He is one of the few true Greeks that is a member.  He served a mission in Denver and speaks good English.  He helps us ALOT! He is also single.

Nicolas from Faliro Branch had a birthday today (1-23-10

Chris hanging out the clothes to dry

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Picture of mom on our balcony trying to get some internet work done while we had the signal.  It has been difficult to get service here, but we think we now have the problem solved.

Zone Conference Athens Missionaries

This is the group.  Elder on left in white is a little "Trunky"  he goes home in 26 days

Zone Conference

This at our zone conference of the Missionaries in Athens

That's Elder Bell in white. The Bells are the CES couple here.  He is really kicking up his heels.  Notice that it is being done "in the footsteps of Paul."

Teaching dances

Everyone had a great time

Teaching greek dance to greeks

Chris taught Greek dances to the Greek young adults.  One was Hebrew (whoops)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Senior Couples

Pretty relaxed meeting

Senior Couples

Senior Couples meeting and dinner.  L to R Elder Ollerton, Sister Ollerton, Sister Bell, Elder Bell, Sister Charles, President Charles, Sister Taylor, Elder Taylor, Sister Johnson

This is our district. Sister Ollerton, Elder Gifford, Sister Simons, Sister Tolomen, Sister Lelle, Elder Baker and Elder Harris and Elder Ollerton taking picture

This Chris and Sister Lelle at our district meeting.  It is their birthdays nd the Elders brought them a birthday cake!

Faliro Branch 3rd floor

This the Faliro branch we have been attending.  It is on the 3rd floor (actually it is on 2nd floor because the first floor is the 0 floor in Greece)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

P-Day with the Smiths

The Story goes that the wife Jason got jealous of a mistress and made her a dress and put poison on it and she jumped into this fountain to stop the burning. It did't work!

On Jan 4th, Elder & Sister Smith took us to Corinth for P-Day. On the way I took this picture of the Parthenon

Chris is standing on our balcony at the bottom

First Christmas in Greece

This is our CHRISTMAS TREE! Creative HUH! You just have to do with what you have!

Christmas dinner Christmas afternoon at Mission Home (Thanks President and Sister Charles)

Chris's dance was very spiritual and put the perfect period on the evening.

President Charles playing Santa at our white elephant game Christmas eve

I took this picture from the 3rd floor of our chapel of the Temple of Zeus! Awesome!

This our Christmas eve Dinner with all the missionaries. It was fun, but really different from home. Miss you all very much.

This the Parthenon taken from the back balconay of the Chapel in Acropoli. COOL HUH!

This is the Temple of Zeus across the street from our chapel in Acropoli.