Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Clog America arrived at 2 pm on July the 4th.  They had flown for 15 hours.  They were tired, but wanted to have a sacrament meeting.  We met them at 4 pm had a short, wonderful, spiritual testimony meeting.  The dancers and missionaries shared testimonies.  To many, it was the best part of the whole affair.  They were starved, and we had a potato bar with all the trimmings ready.  The food was plentiful and great.  The food was provided by the missionaries.  The dancers ate and went to bed.  They wanted to get up at 8 the next morning and go to Mars Hill with Elder and Sister Ollerton and Elder and Sister Bell.  Elder and Sister Bell are the CES missionaries here.  Elder Bell is a great teacher and has a great story about Mars Hill.
Dancers were tired and starved!
Sister Davis kept the water bowl full.
President Sankoh's family at potato bar
Elder Dracocardos, Elder Davis and Elder Ollerton waiting their turn at the potato bar
Mom and Sister Andros at dessert table.
Mom and I at dessert table.
Early Monday morning we take the gang to Mars Hill
Elder Bell teaching on the way up to Mars Hill
Mom and her friend of 27 years, Trudy.  Mom runs into old friends about every other week.
Elder Bell explaining what happened when Paul was on this hill.
Dancers on Mars Hill!
This is Emily and Amy, Twins.  They were cute, fun and very good dancers.
Shawnda, Trudy, Mom and I on the ancient steps to Mars Hill.
Everyone loved the dancers.
Lots of energy!
After the afternoon performance for children, the dancers took some and stage and danced with them.
Sister Ollerton thanks dancers
President and Sister Charles thanking dancers after the performance
Elders are holding gifts for children from foster home.
The dancers and primaries in their area raised $300.00 and donated it to Ellen (red dress), head of the ACS humanitarian project to help the people who were victims of the huge fires they had here.  ACS is helping to re-build schools that were burned.  This money was given to them and Mom and I gave them $130.00 of the grandkids christmas they gave us to help here in Greece.  We could not think of a better or needed place for the money.  Ellen cried when we told her the money came from our grandchildren.

These children are from the Greek Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  They were our guests at the performance and the Cloggers gave them gifts of quilts, stuffed animals , clothing etc... that they had brought with them.  The smiles were out of this world and brought tears to the eyes of many.

These 3 girls were entirely taken up with the dancers.  They were at the afternoon performance and stayed after and got autographs from every dancer and muscian.  In the evening performance they sat on the front row and after Dan (Cowboy in back) finished his number he through them his cowboy hat and they just about tore it apart fighting over it.  In this photo, he just got it back.
This is Collin and Amy Slade.  They had a small scooter accident the day before and I had to doctor their wounds so they could dance.
We made friends with most of the dancers.  The two dancers on the right are former dance students of Chris's

Saturday, July 3, 2010

This PETE our landlord with Sister Ollerton in our apartment.  We have lived here for 7 months and never seen him sober.  His best friend is "Johnny Walker".
Brother Hatch thanks us for helping him after the fireside.  It was a great success.  We had one of the largest groups to every attend an event at the branch.  It was a great evening as Brother Hatch spoke on the power of music and played special arrangements of some of our favorite hymns.  The Spirit was there in great abundance.  The next night at the formal concert the difference could be felt.
Sister Ollerton had a beautiful table filled with cookies for the reception after the fireside. There were 360 cookies and three or four cakes, all of which were gone in 1/2 hour.  Typical missionary treat.
Sister kept the drink bowl full. 
Our branch member, Anna, played for Brother Hatch at fireside
We all went to eat before the concert an "The Three Pigs" a favorite mission resturant
Sisters Charles, Davis, Ollerton and Hicks prior to concert
David Glen Hatch and Jennifer Hicks.  Jennifer was a great to Brother Hatch and us in arranging the venue and other tasks.   Thanks Jennifer
David Glen Hatch and students
Laura Haupt, Jim Haupts grandniece.  Great piano player