Saturday, November 27, 2010

Amazing Paul looking for recovery

At the stadium waiting for Paul

Parthonon seen through Hadrian Arch

Marthon 10K run


Elder Bell, CES Missionary, in charge of the YSA Conference learns to dance.

This is Andreas Ramas.  He is a Greek member and a professional dancer. He assisted  Chris with the dance workshop.

Chris taught a dance workshop for The Young Single Adults Conference in Athens.  Jerry taught a class on Business.

This is Elder Fingerle.  He is an Area Seventy and came and spoke at our Young Single Adults conference.  When we met he said, "Your name is Ollerton, I had a mission companion by that name."  We asked him where he had served and he said "Switzerland".  With a few more questions we found out that he and our son Matthew had been companions on their missions.  He was really excited and we spent a lot of time with him talking about his life and experiences with Matt.  Good Times.

This is a picture of Chris buying  gifts from some friends of ours who own a jewelry shop in the plaka area near the Acropoli Chapel.  Her name is Athena and his is Ronalto.  They are really good people.  We recently gave them a Book of Mormon and they are reading it.  Paul and Beth met them!

Our niece McCall and her husband Ryan were in Greece for one day at the end of a cruise they took.  We met them at the Athens Gate Hotel where they were staying and spent the day showing them around the center of Athens.  We had a great time and it was really great to see and be with them!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I had to throw this picture in.  In Greece they don't cut down trees.  They just go around them. If they are in the middle of a road, it stays in the midddle of the road.  In this case it stays in the middle of the sidewalk and then lifts the marble up so we can trip over it.
This is Chris's big night.  She has been wanting see this dance group since we arrived.  They are called the Dora Stratou Folk Dancers.  They are famous here in Greece.  They dance only authentic dances from the villages around Athens and only in authentic costumes.  Chris had a lady we know in one of the shops near the church give her two free tickets to the performance and we asked the Bells to go and then we told the Androses about it and they wanted to come, and then we told President and Sister Charles and they wanted to come and so Chris went back to our friend and got tickets for them and here we sit.  From left to right, Bells, Adros', Ollertons (I'm taking the picture) and the Charles'.  What a fun night.  It is wierd though.  This thing did not even start until 9:30 pm.   Late night!
Dora Stratou Greek Folk Dance theater