Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Chris lights the cauldren at Marathon

Official Starting of Greek Marathon race.  Paul Creer started here and ran the 2500 running of the race in October 2010.  Way to go Paul

This is the statue of MILIATHES the leader of the army.  Upon the victory, Miliathes send a runner in full armor to Athens 40 Kilometers away to tell them of the victory.  He ran the distance without stopping and upon arriving he said, " We Won" and fell dead!

This a marker at the statue.  Site of the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC. 

This is the tumulas at Marathon.  The battle of Marathon was fought here and dead were buried in a pile and covered up.
All runner leave from here

Chris and Sister Charles on hands and knees reading the plaque on the official strarting marker.  End of the race is 40 Kilometers from here

President Charles at the starting line and Elder Dracocardos going to give him some help

Chris near starting line

We found this resturant on the beach at one was there but us

We had a family style lunch of fish, french fries, Greek Salad was great

Hey girls, lets take a picture of ourselves

Lunch by the Sea
Couples in Athens, L to R  Ollertons, Dracocardos, Collier, Davis, President Charles and Sister Andros

Elder and Sister Collier, the new couple in Thessaloniki

Yes, it does snow in Athens
Ollertons working in CES office
Ollertons take over as the CES, Out Reach, Young Single Adult and institute leaders for about 5 weeks until the new couple arrive.  Just another Hat!

Elder Ollerton does "Elder Ollerton says...."  (Kinda like Simeon Says)  These kids love it.  Also we are doing mormon bingo
Young Adult leader Mary conducts meeting
l to r Elder Balhorn, Stella, Jenny, Elder Stelter, Elder Rodriguez and the back of Elder Barets head playing Mormon BINGO

Every had fun with Mormon BINGO
Food is always the best part of the evening
Us with Elder Mossner and Thealogos

Us with Thealogos and Stella, she is a recent convert also
Δαλογοσ'σ Baptism.  We worked closely with this young Greek.  We love him
In fashion in Greece

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ancient wind mill in Santorini
Inside windmill
This is the Super Market of the Village of Oia, Santorini
Oia, Santoria
One of the unique windmills of Santorini.  There many of different ages on the island

Ancient Oia being taken over by the modern
Oia, Santorina
A ya ya (grand mother) walking home from market at Oia, Santorini
Oia, Santorini
Donkeys on the trail
View from our hotel of trail up from the ocean and one of the gondola towers
Our room at Santorini
There three ways to get from boats to the hotels in Santorini. One is to walk, one is to take the Gondola and one is by Donkey.  These donkeys passed us on step 575

Monday, March 7, 2011

7 Missionary Couples. LtoR Elder Ollerton, Elder and Sister Fairbanks from Cyprus, Elder and Sister Bell, Sister Ollerton, Elder and Sister Sorenson from Cyprus, Elder and Sister Davis, Elder and Sister Andros and Elder and Sister Dracocardos.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

 This is our all purpose palm tree, now serving as a Christmas, New Years and Birthday tree.
 Gandma Chris saying Merry Christmas to Cressida the palm tree.
We received Christmas packages from all our family, but they came late.  We got them on New Years eve.  We opened them and set them out on the couch and pretended that Santa had brought them.  We were spoiled.

 Christmas Day 1st of January 2011.  Fun times.
 We received some stove top stuffing and corn bread mix and other fixings and so we cooked a small turkey, mashed some potatoes, had a Greek Salad  and had a great Christmas, New Years, Birthday dinner.
 Looks great doesn.t it?  IT WAS!!  What a great TASTE of home!!
 Elder Ollerton working on some plans for the new "Welcome Center". They needed to be done for a meeting.
 We had to go to Kifissia for a Mission Presidency Meeting.  It was Sister Ollerton"s birthday and Sister Andros made her a cake.  She blew so hard trying to get all the candles out that she blew all the decorations off the cake.
 Everyone admires the work of art and the great conflagration.
Sister Bell giving Sister Ollerton the traditional Greek Pomegranaete for her Birthday.