Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chris and Demetris..She had a birthday on 1/6 and he was baptized 1/6 about 10 years ago.  Demetris is the backbone of the branch.  He is branch clerk and everything else you ask him to do.  He is President of the young adults also.  He is one of the few true Greeks that is a member.  He served a mission in Denver and speaks good English.  He helps us ALOT! He is also single.

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Trita said...

Chris , how are you? You look good. I'm glad that you both have a native member in Greece that you can turn to for support and help. Have you learned when you are going to move? You look happy to me. Jerry looks tired. sorry Jerry. well, this is a short blog . all is well here. You probably have recieved barbara's email so you know about her cat and Jamie. Jetta is fine, she is having trouble getting her insurance organized for her meds. she is really fairly okay. Ellie's son E'an recieved his mission assighnment, it is to Brazil Sorealeza mission. (whereever that is). He leaves june 9th. that would be Portuguese speaking. well, I'll write again. Love , Trita xoxoxoxoxox