Friday, February 12, 2010

These three photos were taken when Sister Smith and I came home after our haircuts.  It was my first one since I came to Greece.  We felt that the cuts were a little modern for us but it was all worth it because we had the most awesome missionary experience with Lena, the beautician.  She is about 25 years old and the mom of a new baby.  She asked us all kinds of questions about the Church.  We kept the answers coming until she agreed to read a Greek Book of Mormon and have the missionaries teach her.  After we left her shop and she couldn't see us, we started to cry.  We were so touched by the Spirit.  When we got to the Mission Office we told others and comitted the AP Elders to teach her.  We were overjoyed!  This is dad, I ws working at a computer in the mission office when they came back.  I could tell that something special was going on, but I thought was "girls" and a new "haircut".  Then I noticed that they were not touching the floor and they were trying to hold back the tears.  The Spirit was still strong.  Sister Smith said it was the first time anything like that had ever happened to her, and this is her fourth mission.  The Sisters did GREAT!

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Bethany said...

The haircut is not too bad. Of course, I prefer Peggy's cut :) I just think that your experience is so special! What a gift. We will continue to pray for Lena. Keep up the good work Sisters!!!