Friday, February 12, 2010

 While looking at our blog I realized that I had not put pictures of Mars Hill on.  This Chris is standing by the well on Mars Hill where Paul preached his sermon on the "Unknown God.  This was a surreal experience.  We were standing in this ancient spot.  Paul spent a lot of time here converting and teaching the Greeks.  Now, 2000 years later the Greeks have done a masterful job changing almost every precept they were taught and substituted the teachings of men to the satisfication of greedy men.  The Orthodox Church has such a hold on the people that they can't pass a church without crossing themselves several times.  They live in fear.  Most don't attend church, but consider it a betrayal to ancestors, family and country to change religion.  President has a brother that is a member of the Orthodox Church and says he can't understand why President joined our Church.  President asked him, what he would say if someone wanted to leave our church and join his.  He said that he would to tell them not to do it, it is wrong to change religions.  This is the attitude we are facing here.   Nuts, HUH!

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