Friday, February 12, 2010

.  When Paul first went to Athens he went to Mars Hill where the leaders of the day would meet and discuss almost everything.  In Acts 17 it tells that he recognized that they had a temple for all their Gods and even one for the Uunknown God, in case the missed one.  Paul gave his famous "Unknown God on Mars Hill.  Our Mission goes to Mars Hill every time we have missionaries returning home.  This is our first trip.  Chris in on the original stairs that led to the Hill.  They are a little dangerous now, and they have steel stairs a little to the left of these.  The sad thing is that there is graffiti on all the mable rocks on the hill.  President Hinckley, in his journal, said that when he came here with President Lee, that there were "hippies"  sleeping there.  He thought it very disrecpectful.

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