Saturday, March 27, 2010

Each March 25th is Greece's Independence Day, celebrating independence won from the Ottoman Turks in 1821.  We went to the parade where, traditionally, they have all the Military units and their tanks, cannons and etc in the parade.  This year they did not have any gas and so all the equipment stayed home and the units marched.  This unit is the crack Parliament guard.  They are dressed in the uniform of the 1821 army.  They guard the tomb of the Unknown Soldier and Parliament.  I think they were the only ones marching together.


Kristi said...

Funny story about those guards: When Andy and I were there we spent a good amount of time at the Tomb watching the guards (I thought they were fascinating). There was one guard in particular we thought was cool and probably "in charge". A few months later during the Olympics we saw him marching in some Olympic thing and we both recognized him.

Also, thank goodness we don't dress like that anymore!

Jennifer Roper said...

It is always so fun to look at all the pictures you put on here. I remember being with a Greek folk dance team in France. One of their costumes looked just like this. The ones with the shorter skirts though.