Saturday, May 8, 2010

As most of you know, Greece is in chaos.  To avoid bankruptcy, the government was in this building cutting programs, wages, retirements, vacations, etc...  This was ground zero for the demonstrations you saw on TV.  Three people died in a fire set in a bank close by here.  They would not let us down there to take a picture.  We spent 3 days in our apartment, partly because of these demonstrations, but also because all forms of public transportation were on strike.  There were no buses, trams, trains, Metros, taxis or airplanes for a couple of days.  Sister Ollerton and I  were on a bus last week and after we were about 2-3 miles from home, the bus stopped and the driver said we all had to get off as a strike had just started.   There was no way for us to get home or anywhere except to walk, and so we did.


Bethany said...

Oh man! Thanks for these new posts. How is the walking going dad? Is your knee holding up? What a trooper! Are you bored in your apartment? Hang in there!

Seth Ollerton said...

Good update. We are glad to hear that you are safe.