Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Clog America arrived at 2 pm on July the 4th.  They had flown for 15 hours.  They were tired, but wanted to have a sacrament meeting.  We met them at 4 pm had a short, wonderful, spiritual testimony meeting.  The dancers and missionaries shared testimonies.  To many, it was the best part of the whole affair.  They were starved, and we had a potato bar with all the trimmings ready.  The food was plentiful and great.  The food was provided by the missionaries.  The dancers ate and went to bed.  They wanted to get up at 8 the next morning and go to Mars Hill with Elder and Sister Ollerton and Elder and Sister Bell.  Elder and Sister Bell are the CES missionaries here.  Elder Bell is a great teacher and has a great story about Mars Hill.

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