Saturday, August 7, 2010

This is all the Athens missionaries at Zone Conference.  We are getting ready to send 8 of them home.  That will leave us really shorthanded.  The Greek Consulate in San Francisco has denied all visas for American missionaries scheduled to come to Greece.  These missionaries are the most skilled in language and teaching.  When then leave we will be down to 21 young missionaries in the whole mission.  That includes Thessaloniki and Cyprus also.   We will get a few coming at the end of August, but they are all European Elders.  All the missionaries that remain have been here less than a year.  It is tradition to say goodbye to them at a testimony meeting on Mars Hill the Sunday before they leave.  We have moved the time to late in the evening because of the heat and so some of the pictures following are a little dark.


Seth Ollerton said...

Dwindling. Sad for Greece but happy for those Elders going home I'm sure!

Bethany said...

Wow! Greece better get their heads on straight here soon! I know there are people waiting to be LDS members/leaders in that country. Satan is working really hard.