Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sister having a ball getting everything ready

The 3Wise Men had just eaten one of moms cheeseballs all by our selves.........

Elder Bell, Elder Steeby and Elder King are busy making "Turkeys"

Elder Steeby is really focused on getting that beak on that turkey

Final Product

President Charles really loved mom's cheeseballs (He ate one by himself)

Sisters were late, now we can eat...good times were had by all!!!!


Bethany said...

Thanks for the photos of your Thanksgiving feast. I can't believe you all fit in there. It looks like it all worked out. I have to say that your apartment is way cozier than that one. What did all the non-americans say about this holiday they were sharing in?

Seth Ollerton said...

That looks like fun. I remember being a missionary and any excuse to get together with a group of missionaries for a nice relaxing time was HUGE! I bet they all loved the hard work you put in. Keep on keepin' on.

Jennifer Roper said...

Hey, fun as always to keep up on all your activities. You really made it look special. Love you.