Tuesday, January 18, 2011

 This is our all purpose palm tree, now serving as a Christmas, New Years and Birthday tree.
 Gandma Chris saying Merry Christmas to Cressida the palm tree.
We received Christmas packages from all our family, but they came late.  We got them on New Years eve.  We opened them and set them out on the couch and pretended that Santa had brought them.  We were spoiled.

 Christmas Day 1st of January 2011.  Fun times.
 We received some stove top stuffing and corn bread mix and other fixings and so we cooked a small turkey, mashed some potatoes, had a Greek Salad  and had a great Christmas, New Years, Birthday dinner.
 Looks great doesn.t it?  IT WAS!!  What a great TASTE of home!!
 Elder Ollerton working on some plans for the new "Welcome Center". They needed to be done for a meeting.
 We had to go to Kifissia for a Mission Presidency Meeting.  It was Sister Ollerton"s birthday and Sister Andros made her a cake.  She blew so hard trying to get all the candles out that she blew all the decorations off the cake.
 Everyone admires the work of art and the great conflagration.
Sister Bell giving Sister Ollerton the traditional Greek Pomegranaete for her Birthday.


Bethany said...

I am glad you finally received your packages!!! I love that you took pictures with both of you in them. And I am so glad mom tipped the bowl so she could remember that she had mashed potatoes in there. ;)

McKinley said...

Those gifts look wonderful!!! What a cute family you have to send you some things for the holidays! The meal looks yummy!!! Love all these pictures. I bet that Pomegranate was delicious!